As the purpose of this lesson series is to provide a generic grounding in the study of "occult arts and sciences," it would seem inappropriate to provide links to any "sectarian" sites. We cannot suggest any particular sites without personal knowledge of the seeker, and we cannot, in good conscience, "advocate" one particular path over another. We do, however, feel it is necessary to provide links of some kind to other web sites, so the following links will take you to search engines or link pages especially appropriate for someone seeking to learn about the spectrum of paths available.
The premier pagan/occult search engine on the web. Although it seems to be advertisement-heavy (and thus graphics-intensive), it is a non-profit venture whose dedicated internet connection is paid for through those advertisements. And the banners can lead to sites as interesting and useful as those listed in the database.
Though it concentrates on Celtic culture and religion, the information and services offered apply to all neo-pagan faiths based on European "nature" religions. There are links, essays, downloadable programs, hosted message boards and email lists, and educational materials relevant to nearly all neo-pagan faiths. It does concentrate on culture and religion more than magic or mysticism, but is worth at least a look-see if you are curious or have a religious bent...
Strange Fire
This site offers subscription information and sample articles from the magazine, which focuses on magic more than philosophy or mysticism.


Mailing Lists

Hearthstone is an email list for the discussion of magick as it relates to everyday life, regardless of religious beliefs (or lack thereof).
RavensFire is a "teaching list" where the members teach each other as learn.  Information and ideas are posted regularly and discussed freely.


We have entered into a partnership with Powell's Books, the largest real bookstore in the world, to allow visitors to find and/or purchase books of interest.   Besides being the most ethical website dealing with books that we have found, Powell's has a physical location with over a million used and out-of-print books in stock.  This means that not only do you have options for paying less for books than anywhere else, if you search for an out-of-print book at Powell's and find it, it means you can purchase it right now rather than waiting for months for a book search.
Eastern Religions
Western Religions
North American Native Studies
World Religions

None of the following books or authors are "endorsed" by this site, but they have proven to be helpful to a large number of people across a wide range of philosophies.
Donald Michael Kraig  (ceremonial magic)
Amber K  (Wicca/witchcraft)
Doreen Valiente  (Wicca/witchcraft)



And if you're having problems finding an out-of-print book locally or at one of the "web-only" bookstores, it can't hurt to try Powell's search engine:

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